Sexually exploited. Recruited into armies.unwanted Pregnancy. Shut away in institutions. Millions of children around the world are in danger of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence – at home, in school, in the community or during humanitarian emergencies. Evans & Judith Foundation  keeps the most vulnerable children safe from harm.

We bring about lasting changes to ensure children are safe and protected. We influence national and international policy and practices by listening to children, educating parents and mobilising communities. And we work with partners to strengthen child protection systems.

Our ongoing lobbying has contributed to a complete ban on corporal punishment in 46 countries increasing the protection of millions of children.

Over one billion children live in countries or territories affected by armed conflict. We work to minimize the harm children experience during and after an emergency and ensure children are protected from participating in armed forces or groups, stay together with their families and are not subject to exploitation and sexual abuse. In 2017 till date , we worked in NW an SW Region of Cameroon  to reunite children separated from family members during humanitarian crises.

In Cameroon, more than 500,000 children are growing up in orphanages. Yet 90% of these children have at least one parent living. Our hugely ambitious program Families First is completely reforming the child protection system in Cameroon so children are cared for within a family setting – immediate, extended or substitute – wherever possible.