Become a Member of Evans and Judith Foundation

Membership is open to everyone irrespective of race, colour, religion, nationality, or language, who have the heart to promote the welfare of the underprivileged and women’s empowerment. All members should not be less than 18years of age.

Membership is gained upon the payment of a non-refundable registration fee of: 50.000frs ($85)
Every member shall pay this annual subscription due by January of each year. For nationals: 250 000FCFA ($500) | Internationals: 500.000FCFA ($1000)

There shall be quarterly, semestral and annual general meetings to plan, implement, deliberate, evaluate activities for the smooth and successful running of the organization.

Members shall be liable to attend meetings, presentations, and-or report within the approved period by the General Assembly

Meetings shall be chaired by the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is the head of the administrative unit. He can however delegate power to any other member of the Executive bench to perform this function

The top executive board members shall meet every first Saturday of the month to deliberate and evaluate all the affairs of the organization

Members of the executive board are members who share in the visions and objectives of the association and shall serve for a period of three years renewable thrice.


  • For Nationals:

     MTN Mobile Money: 654-004-365

    Orange Money: 697-192-276

  • For Internationals:

    Account Number: 10005 00007 05388541001 80

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Loss of membership shall be necessitated by the following conditions:

  • If anybody becomes mentally incapacitated.
  • If any member willfully resigns.
  • If any member involves in tarnishing the image, dignity, and interests of the organization.
  • Failure to pay the annual subscription of a new year.
  • If any member becomes inactive towards the development of the organization for up to one year.
  • If any member becomes absent from meetings of the general assembly for three (3) times consecutively. If any member violates the rules and regulations of the organization, or disregards the rules of the organization, involves in tarnishing the reputation, image, and takes to anti-organizational or anti-constitutional activities.

Regain your membership
Membership of the organization can be regained through a written apology, re-application, and payment of debts and signing of undertakings through the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO).