EJF Women Initiative Network is a voluntary driven, apolitical and non-profit development association operating in Cameroon with head office at Bamenda.
The Women Common Initiative Network was set up in 2017, an initiative of Evan Fon (CEO of EJF) who saw the need to empower women in all works of life as a means to bridge the poverty line amongst the less privileged and especially rural female folks. The EJF Women Initiative group’s source of funding will be through annual membership dues/contributions, consultancy and exhibitions during public events.

Each groups has elected president, Vice / Financial Secretary in their various community.
These group members shall meet weekly to discuss their affairs, like women education, Child Education, Agricultural plans, Family planning and difficulties, training opportunities, just to name a few.

Our Mission is to bring together women of various classes and domains, enhance their living standards especially those who are less privileged to be self reliant. We achieve this through the following Activities. ;

  1.  Empowering women and girls in our communities through seminars,workshops in proffessional learning institutions and groups on income generating activities like production of soaps,cosmetics, emboidery, craftworks etc
  2. Provide training amongst women in the running of small scale business enterprises and loan management schemes
  3. Provide training on modern agricultural techniques, food processing, transformation and preservation
  4. Organise capacity building workshops and seminars on Health, Cookery, etc
  5. Establish support and relief service for all women’s.ETC.

EJF holds women at very high esteem and as such has taken the initiative to impact the women positively by empowering them with the knowledge to access life with ease.hands together to build a better community for our women globally.

With your donation, you’re working together with EJF for the survival, protection and development of women in more than 10 countries around the world. We will do whatever it takes to protect women. Wherever they are. Whoever they are. Whenever they need us.